The Clark County Arts Commission, with the support of the Clark County Water Commission, is launching a series of discussions on Land & Environmental Art. The first in the series will be Thursday, February 20, at 6:30 PM at the Ft. Vancouver Library, 901 C Street. The discussion will start with a video, A Place for People, and tell the story of the Mill Creek Earthworks which was created over 25 years ago in Kent, Washington. It was designed by internationally known artist Herbert Bayer and it serves as a storm water retention basin, a park and an art work. Laurel Whitehurst will lead the discussion. Visitor and former Kent Arts Commissioner Carolyn Wyley will give back-ground on how a fledgling Arts Commission took on the big project of funding the artwork and park.

The Second presentation will be March 13th at the Ft. Vancouver Main Library, Columbia Room, 6:30pm by artist Erin Dengerink. Ms Dengerink will talk about public art that functions as a gathering place; a commons. She will discuss how those artworks can be healing spaces. Several Earthworks artworks work clean polluted land or water while also providing a place for the community to walk, play, and interact with each other and the landscape. Dengerink’s talk will briefly cover the history of the Earthworks art movement and ideas of the sublime, while illustrating how important sublime interactions with the landscape can be to a community. This project is also supported by the Serendipity Players.

The third event for the series will be May Day, May 1, 2014. The Future of Water will be the focus of this discussion at Vancouver’s Water Education Center. More information will be available later.

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