The Clark Regional Wastewater District kicked off construction of the Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System (DCWTS) with a groundbreaking ceremony on June 4, 2014 at the northbound I-5 Gee Creek Rest Area. Over 60 local dignitaries and members of the public attended the event. Speakers included District Board of Commissioners Denny Kiggins and Neil Kimsey, District General Manager John Peterson, former State Senator Joseph Zarelli, and Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow.

Peterson gave special thanks to the Washington State Public Works Board, acknowledging that, “Without the combined $20 million in low-interest loans the board and legislators brought to the project, this wouldn’t have been possible. We anticipate your investment will be more than repaid as new jobs and revenue are generated in the future.”

Senator Zarelli commended the decade of collaboration and partnerships between state and local agencies that brought this project to fruition. “We were able to set our individual issues aside to achieve a larger vision,” he said. “We are creating an integrated system to serve the greater good.”

Pump Station Named for Neil Kimsey

The new regional pump station being built at the rest area will be named for District Commissioner Neil Kimsey, which was announced as a surprise in front of the crowd, including his friends and family. The naming recognizes Kimsey’s years of service to the District and his important role in developing the DCWTS project.

About the Project

The first phase of DCWTS includes installation of a new wastewater pipeline connecting the Ridgefield/Interstate 5 junction area to the Salmon Creek Treatment Plant. This $25 million project will support future economic development and help the District provide efficient, high-quality sewer service at the lowest possible cost.

The District’s Contractor, Tapani Inc. of Battle Ground, will begin construction on June 16, with the installation of new manholes and sewer pipes along N 45th Avenue in Ridgefield.

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