A Community Forum on the Homeless will be held on Thursday, January 17th at the 40 et 8 Boxcar (7607 NE 26th Avenue, just off 78th Street and past their bingo parlor) from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

This is a free community forum to bring together the various agencies that deal with problems relating to the homeless population in our area. It is our hope that such an evening will provide a meaningful exchange of ideas in an effort to ease the negative impact our members and residents are experiencing with the growing problem of homelessness.

Our members are invited as are the leaders of the neighborhood associations within our boundaries. Among those invited on the panel are: County Councilor Julie Olson, Share, Council for the Homeless, Clark County Sheriff’s Office, and Columbia River Mental Health.

The problem isn’t going away and many of our local agencies are constantly working on ways to help those affected by homelessness. Obviously, it is an ongoing and expensive problem—for those working directly with the homeless population and for those businesses and residents who deal with the detritus of those seeking shelter outside the system.

Member businesses are experiencing costly cleanup, loss of utilities usurped, and the nightly uninvited guests in their doorways. Residents are affected in those and other ways as they are accosted at many intersections for those seeking handouts. The situations are numerous and vary by the individuals suffering homelessness.

It is our hope that having the agencies in one room at one time will provide some answers. If you have insight, ideas or problems on your property —come along and add your voice.

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