Bring your small business technical questions to Developing Main Street, an event to bring together two communities who need each other – the small business owners and the experts in the technology your business uses every day.

Are you looking for technology answers to help your Small business?

This event can help, as they are bringing technology experts in Marketing, Cloud services, Search engine marketing and optimization together under one roof in a great event to get you the answers you are looking for. Important questions like:

• How do I set up my online store?
• What is the best email marketing service?
• Should I sign up for Google business services?
• What kind of Social Media should I be using?
• What is the best service or platform to build my website?

These can be daunting questions when you have to run a business full time.

The event will be held Monday, May 23, from 5:30 to 9:30pm, in the Hudson Community Room, 101 E. 6th Street, Vancouver.

The event will help business owners pinpoint their tech challenges and then match them with experts who can help direct them towards better solutions and empower them to grow and thrive.

The event cost is only $25, and includes Beer/Wine and Light Appetizers. Event registration is here. Or for more information, please email Dave.

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