Restaurants in south Hazel Dell benefit from lowest sewer charges in Clark County.

Having just welcomed Chipotle to the area, residents in Hazel Dell are poised to celebrate the opening of Panera Bread. Scheduled to begin operation before Christmas, Panera Bread will open on the former site of the iconic Steakburger restaurant and miniature golf. Sanitary sewer service to the facility is provided by Clark Regional Wastewater District.

While sewer may not be your first thought when you hear of a new place to get your morning coffee or to grab a sandwich at lunch, development fees (commonly called SDCs – system development charges) are a key consideration when establishing a new business in any area. Knowing this, the District has worked to reduce the initial cost of sewer connections as much as possible. South Hazel Dell is the most affordable place in Clark County to develop a restaurant; the District’s “Tier 1” SDCs in the south Hazel Dell area are the lowest in Clark County and Panera also was eligible for Clark County’s development fee waiver program. In addition, Panera received credits for building on a previously developed site, keeping the total sewer fee to less than $750.

The District also partnered with the developer to restore and relocate the aging sewer line on site while they completed underground work for the new development. This forward thinking approach was a win-win for the developer, the District and ratepayers in general. The initiative optimized the location of the line while completing necessary utility work in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible by digging up the site once. “The District takes our role in community development seriously,” District General Manager, John Peterson, said, “Projects like this demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality service at low rates that support local businesses and our ratepayers.”

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