Nominations and Elections for the Hazel Dell/Salmon Creek Business Association are on the agenda for the October meeting.

Nominations for the following positions will take place by email until October 10, 2020. Please email nominations and provide confirmation the nominee is willing to fulfill the duties of the role to the following people: Brad Lothspeich and Neil Kimsey.

Vice President – Meals & Catering
Vice President – Speakers

Questions and inquiries about the duties of the role may be emailed to the HDSCBA Secretary. All current officers are re-running for the 2021 calendar year.

The current officers are
President: Tony Ruestig
Vice President – Meals & Catering: Jayme Mercer
Vice President – Speakers: Paul Montague
Treasurer: Shawn Hanlon
Secretary: Kyle Davies

Nominations may also be made verbally on the day of the election (October 14) during the meeting.

Lastly, the Board approved the election to take place via Google Form. Ballots will be anonymous. Please ensure you have access to the Zoom Chat. The link for the ballot will be placed in the Zoom Chat upon the completion of nominations.

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